Monday, October 30, 2017

Clickbait about Eddie Murphy Absolutely Ridiculous

On Business Insider, one of the "From the Web - Sponsored Links" ads on the right side of my browser talked about Eddie Murphy's. We've all seen these clickbait links before, and usually they're something like, "You Won't Believe [Random Celebrity]'s Incredible New Home!." I understand. I've even been bored enough to click on some.

But the one I saw today was just too funny. "Eddie Murphy's House Makes Alcatraz Look Like a Paradise!" WTF, right? I know San Francisco real estate is crazy, so has some developer turned Alcatraz cells into $2 million condos?

Besides, Alcatraz has been closed for decades, turned over to the Parks and Tourisim Board or some such group that gives tours for a few bucks. It's a good tour. You should go.

But if you were an inmate at Alcatraz, or now at any prison, I'm pretty sure you'd think even MY house is a paradise. After all, every room is bigger than your current cell. Well, maybe not the utility room with that bulky washer and dryer taking up space. But every other room is, including the master bath.

Speaking of the bath, the cliched prison assault stories have no place in my suburban two-story. As many times as I've dropped my soap in the shower, I never once looked over my shoulder as I picked it up.

Just sayin' "paradise" must have lost a lot in the last few years.