Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Make Internet Shopping Even Better

Dear Internet retailers,

Your collective sidebar (and banner) ads are a great help when I'm searching for products, especially gifts. For instance, my wife and daughter both like Kendra Scott accessories:


So those ads really help at Christmas and birthday times. Thanks.

However, there's no button to click to say, "Thanks, bought those gifts already," and stop all those ads. Personally, I don't wear Kendra Scott accessories. My primary accessories are my wedding ring, a watch (either the one from my wife or the one from my daughter), and face stubble before I shave. So stop the with the Kendra Scott ads until the next time I type, "birthday gifts for women" in the Google search bar.

On the other hand, while I have never bought a bikini over the Internet (or in stores, for that matter), please KEEP sending me those ads. There's always time for bikini shopping, a tiny vacation from work that appears at random times and cheers me up, especially in the winter.

Geneva Underwire Top

Your friend,