Saturday, February 24, 2018

No Wonder Don the Con Trump Hates Chain Migration

It's nice when you find something in common with your President, even Don the Con Trump, our current White House occupant. Even better when finding out the details behind the action help clarify things so well.

First, Trump keeps complaining about "chain migration." While some may think that means importing chains for bicycles and watches and tow trucks, that's not the definition here.

Chain migration refers to immigrants getting special advantages to bring over their relatives. Unless you talk to one of your black friends - they have an entirely different view on chain migration. In their ancestor's case, too often migration meant being chained on the trip over.

The chain in the spotlight now is more in the line of, "the old ball and . . . " variety. Melania Trump brought her parents to America, and they have Green Cards. This means they can work, they jump some of the hurdles needed to become citizens, and ICE leaves them alone.

Trump already doesn't like immigrants unless he marries them - see Wife #1 Ivana and Wife #3 Melania. Wife #3 is currently pretty pissed at The Donald because of all the affairs that have been hitting the news lately. Her parents have made it across the Big Pond of the Atlantic and are in the same area as The Donald and his #3 Wife. And the constant, "I too saw Dinky Donald up close" news stories from porn stars and Playboy models and whoever tells her story next week are in the local paper delivered to their front porch each day.

Chain migration brought his in-laws to town. Now Don the Con hates chain migration. Sounds perfectly normal to me.

And that's the first time I said that about the current administration. Normal. Hard to believe, but true.